John completing his 650km walk

A massive congratulations to John Murray who completed his 650km walk from Malin to Mizen Head (aka pretty much within his 5km) over the lockdown period and is now taking a well-earned rest. You can see Fionn in this picture on the scooter having a great time.

There’s always the mixed feelings as a duchennes parent whether to wrap Fionn in cotton wool, try to use things like scooter in the hope he isn’t punishing his muscles as much as running on pavement would, or to just let him have unguarded moments of freedom. You know he deserves it, but you know that more of them now will lead to less of them in the future.

This is one of the biggest reasons for wanting to downsize our home and make it more Fionn-friendly. If we can save his muscles in the everyday moments, we can store those moments for when we can make great memories.

You can still donate to John’s page until the 1st July – link here.

John, thank you so much, putting in the effort like this means a huge amount to us. Now put your feet up!

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