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Thank you for helping us to raise funds for Fionn who has the fatal condition, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Every penny raised has a hugely positive impact on Fionn’s life. You can read what has been achieved so far at this link

Sadly, Fionn’s condition is deteriorating faster than we had hoped. Sooner than expected, Maeve and Michael need to move to a one-story house that can be adapted to Fionn’s needs.

The aim of our fundraising this year is to pay for the cost of adapting a more suitable home. Maeve is a teacher and is not working currently and Michael is an Occupational Therapist so their income means they cannot afford to cover these costs. It is important that you know that none of the funds raised will go towards the cost of a new house, but to make adaptions to that house for Fionn’s future and developing needs.
Our big fundraising campaign this year is #30DaysofFionn. We are aiming to have at least 30 separate fundraising events and have set an ambitious target to raise between €100,000 to €150,000 for the Fionn Brogan Trust. It will be run across the summer and will finish on Fionns birthday in early October.

As always, you can be assured that every single penny raised goes to supporting Fionns needs, and that this is administered by the Fionn Brogan Trust.

You can find out more details on the Trust and how it is Governed on this website page.

Yours gratefully, the fundraising committee,

Niall, Hugh, Shane, Nora

#30DaysOfFionn Campaign Details

Dates of campaign

1st August to 2nd October (Fionn’s 6th Birthday).

Ideally we will try to concentrate events into August and September , however if it works better for you/your business to do it earlier than august then please plan it that way. It will help the overall campaign if we have a good spread of dates covered but events do not have to be limited to one per day, or held on a single day.

How do I sign up?
Sign up by emailing Niall with your name and details of your fundraising event, including dates and the fundraising platform you are using. Once you have committed, your event will be published on the various platforms that support the Fionn Brogan Trust. It is ok if you do not have all the details like dates when you sign up, but we will need those sorts of details closer to the time.

Is there a minimum amount to be raised?
As we are aiming to raise a significant amount of funds, we would ask that each event tries to really push the boat out to raise the maximum amount of money, but every penny helps so don’t let that deter you! Check out our role of honor below and take inspiration for the first wave of Fionn’s followers.

How do I promote my event?
We mostly use social platforms to get our message out and we will post about your event and when we can, repost when you tag @FionnBrogan Trust
• There is a ‘png’ file with this document that you can use on social.
• We would also ask you to always use the hashtags #30DaysOfFionn #FollowFionn and tag in the Instagram account @FionnBroganTrust every time you post.
• We will also have you listed on our website so you can send people there too.

In summary, what do I need to do?
• Email Niall with details of my fundraising event (date, event, fundraising link).
• Use the hashtags #30DaysOfFionn #FollowFionn and tag in the Instagram account @FionnBroganTrust every time.
• Encourage everyone participating in my event to post on social too (and include the # and @)
• Encourage my network to learn about DMD.

Who do I contact if I have a problem or need to speak to someone?
If you have, or receive any queries about Fionn’s condition or the Fionn Brogan Trust in general, please email Niall or the committee member you are dealing with.

Important fundraising details
All the money raised during this campaign will go into the Fionn Brogan Trust bank account that that has been set up in the name of the Trust.
The Fionn Brogan Trust is listed as a Cause on the idonate platform. To register your event under that cause use the link below.

Register your event:

However if you wish to use any other fundraising platform (Just giving, Go fund me…..etc) please do using the Bank details below.

If you wish to use other means of revenue generating, or if you get queries re cheques/cash see below for the bank details.

Account name: Fionn Brogan Trust
Account branch Bank of Ireland, Ballsbridge
Bank address: 87-89 Pembroke Rd, Ballsbridge, Dublin, D04 X738
IBAN IE69 BOFI 90 09 73 6963 1732
Sort code 90 09 73

Social assets to use on your accounts
Instagram @fionnbrogantrust
Twitter @fionnbroganstar

Hugh Torpey [email protected]
Niall Brogan [email protected]
Shane Torpey [email protected]
Nora Torpey [email protected]

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