First of all, we wanted to say a HUGE thanks to all our volunteers who’ve organised an event for Fionn over the last few months or are planning to. We really do count all these people as legends.

Before we get on to their heroic acts, we wanted to ask if you would be able to put on an event? It’s a big ask, we know, but the amount of money we need to raise for Fionn means we have to rely on people like you to help.

So, if you’re able to put on a table quiz (and we’re getting close to when that won’t be on Zoom), or a tea and cake morning, or any whacky scheme that comes to mind, click here to read all you need to know (or just give us a shout) and get involved. Be a legend!

But, let’s get onto the important stuff. We wanted to give you an update from our group of warriors for Fionn – putting on events around the country to raise funds for our special boy.

First up is Andrew Harkness

Andrew did a virtual walk from Edinburgh to Dublin during lockdown and raised an incredible €12,000 for Fionn.

But why walk when you can run…

Our Cousin Sean ran a marathon (his first ever) and Mairead, Emma, Cathy (and many others) completed a 10k run to raise a combined €17,300.

Beating them all for distance was John Murray

John completed 650km of cycling and running – the distance from Malin to Mizen Head – finishing a few weeks ago to take a well-earned rest.

Next hero in the line is Leonie

Leonie is putting on a MAD HAIR DAY at All Saint’s National school (we wish we could share the pictures) to help us adapt a home for Fionn.

Next heroes are the Avengers, aka…

Peter, Stephen, Trish, Aled, Jen, Helen, Vera, Vanessa, Moi, Ellen, Marianne. They are doing 100 days of runs, swims and cycles, all culminating in a triathlon.

We reckon they could take the Avengers, no problem.

There are lots of other events planned – you can read about them here – but for now we wanted to say another big thank you to everyone whose gotten involved so far and, if you’re able to do something big or small yourself, to get in touch and we’ll have a chat.

We’re off to enjoy the sunshine. These summers are extra precious now. Take care and go make some memories.

Maeve and Michael.



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