• €35,000 for a wheelchair accessible van to cater for our family of 5 and a friend or cousin as well as transport Fionns power chair, electric trike and his sisters buggy locally and when we go away for breaks.
  • €200,000 – full renovation and extension of bungalow to ensure Fionn’s home environment is fully accessible to him now and into the future. This renovation will incorporate future proofing for tracking ceiling hoists, air filter system (due to risk of breathing difficulties in the future) and all other accessibility features given to inevitable loss of hand function and medical complications Fionn will eventually experience.
  • €10,000 for short term renovation of front garden and front door of current house as it is not currently wheelchair accessible and needs to be renovated to fit wheelchair accessible van.
  • Life long care needs. As a family despite his predicted future complex needs we want Fionn to life as fullfilled and fun life as he is capable of. During his late teens we want to ensure that Fionn has sufficient funds to have carers to support his level of independence aside from his parents support.
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