It is difficult to know how to properly express our gratitude to all of the people who
have supported us through this campaign. We are so grateful to our friends, family,
members of the fundraising committee and to all those people we have never met but
wanted to help Fionn. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
When you receive a diagnosis like Duchennes, you feel incredibly alone and frightened
for the future. This campaign has lifted our family so much, to know that Fionn has this
incredible support and love around him gives us such a sense of comfort and hope for
the future.
With the fundraising money we have been able to fund a wheelchair accessible van
which has meant we can bring Fionn’s powerchair out and about with us. This has
been life changing for our family as we can go to the park and our local playgrounds
knowing that Fionn can bring his chair and lead the way with his siblings. We have
also been able to make our home more accessible by widening the driveway for the van
and making our front door wheelchair accessible. Fionn no longer has to deal with the
frustration of needing to overcome that “big step” when entering or leaving his own
It is these everyday changes that truly make a world of difference when supporting
We appreciate your help, your well wishes and all that this incredible community has done for us,
Maeve and Michael


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